SelfJourney of interest in Odonata and it's beauty motivated me to collect more and more information about Dragonfly of Delhi


Academically I am Masters of Business Administrations and Bachelors of Business Administration. Despite of being a business student, I still am an explorer in the field of Odonata since last 5-6 years. My journey from wildlife traveller to Dragonfly enthusiast begun in early 2011. As an enthusiastic tiger lover, I used to visit almost every vacation with my family to Corbett. During one of the long vacation around Corbett in 2011, I came across this beautiful creature Stream glory (Neurobasis chinensis,). It’s a species of damselfly in the family of Calopterygidae. That was the ice breaker moment for me and till today, I am still fascinated with multiple species of Odonata, Dragonfly and Damselfly.
I am a lifetime member of Indian Dragonfly Society (IDS), and active member of Indian Odonata Group. This platform helps me in meeting various enthusiasts and professionals for cross pollination of ideas around our common interest. I enjoy observing dragonflies, and in this pursuit, have been exploring different parts of Delhi, almost every weekend since last-couple of years. The love of dragonfly fly also made me a regular visitor to Uttarakhand, Kerala, West-Bengal and many unexplored forests within India.
I am working towards evidence for almost 500 + species on top priority from our country. I also love to capture detailed photo and videos of the beautiful species and it’s behaviour, during my numerous field visits. I have evidenced 40+ species from Dragonfly of Delhi from my various Dragonfly photowalk along with my friends, family and kids.

Posted on: July 31, 2018voiceofcamera

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