What is photography

What is photography

What is photography, now a days it's very generic topic selected among most of us. Does it cost a lot or makes any sense to be photographer, definitely not !

everyone is equipment with good camera phone and you can start photography. hello i am not saying selfie here. although

it's a different game all together being a selfie queen. be safe while taking your selfies always.

so let's come to the point what is photography all about. in photography it's all about showing your vision using your photography be it a heavy DSLR or point and shoot and even why not smartphones.

So photography means you shall demonstrate your vision towards a specific subject be it a leaving or non leaving thing. before getting into photography you must be able to showcase in a different angle.

so who has stopped you go and start your day. the best would be start clicking your loved one pictures specially kids are wonderful gift and we all are surrounded with lovely kids around us be it our society or family.

you may also look at our videos of voice of camera about vision of photography. Join us on our monthly walk.

Posted on: February 20, 2018voiceofcamera

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